9 Best Practice Tips On How To Send A Marketing Email

As an entrepreneur are you leveraging email marketing? No! Why not? Is Is it because you’re still trying to figure out how does email marketing works? It can be cumbersome, however, it’s a must.

How To Rise Above The Noise On Social Media

Have you ever asked yourself this question, “How can I make my business stand out from the crowd?” Maybe you’ve asked this question, “How do I rise above the noise on social media? Whichever question you asked it doesn’t matter. Why? Because you recognized you’re in massive competition when it comes to growing your business.

How To Promote & Market Your Business

Have you been challenged on how to market your business? No matter how much social media you do, you continue to have the problem of getting your business seen through all of the noise.

Did You Hear? Facebook Removing Likes!

Facebook is in the works of removing likes from your posts, too. Watch this video to hear why Facebook is leaning towards this direction of removing likes from their social media platform.

Why Is Instagram Removing Like Count?

Why is Instagram considering hiding likes on your posts? It’s something Instagram has already been testing in the following countries with Canada being the first test market… Ireland Italy Japan Brazil Australia New Zealand “So why hide likes? Instagram says it’s “because [they] want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, …

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Are Entrepreneurs Stuck In The Wrong TV Mode?

Are entrepreneurs stuck in the wrong TV mode? The other morning there was a trending article (Netflix Crushes Cable and Broadcast TV for Home Viewing, Survey Finds) on LinkedIn. There was a lot of conversation about it. I found the focus to be miss directed. Every comment I read was either speaking about the rising …

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Your Backdoor To Television Without Mainstream Networks

What changed the way we saw, and actually distributed music back in 1999? Think about it — How was music distributed? It was delivered in the following ways: traditional radio, music TV, cassette tapes, CDs and maybe vinyl, too. With the introduction of the internet, it brought a new and expedient way to deliver music. …

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Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference 2015 In Atlanta

What is the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit? It’s the perfect event for anyone who thinking about starting a business, who has a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur. Black Enterprise and iDefine TV have partnered. As a media partner we’re proud to help get the word out about the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit taking place here …

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