We have morphed into a media firm that offers media distribution and syndication through the fastest growing media technology today know as the Roku Streaming Media Player and Roku Smart TV.

We help you, the entrepreneurs, experts and content producers validate who you are, what you do, your expertise, knowledge, products and/or services. How? By positioning you as an expert and showcasing your products and services on Roku, the fastest growing and most popular streaming media technology in the country. Roku has over 80 million active monthly users streaming more than 100 billion hours of video content.

What does this mean? Connected TV is like the birth of the internet all over again, and it’s happening now. Roku pioneered streaming for the TV and is known for streaming innovation and high customer engagement, offering content providers (you) the best way to reach streaming TV audiences.

Now, here’s where we set ourselves apart from the others. It doesn’t matter if you have video content you’ve produced C.F. Jackson - iDefine TVon your own, we now can distribute it to an actual television audience. No. We mean, no. This isn’t web based television. Your video will air on actual TV, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

Most video production providers stop at the point of producing the video. iDefine TV picks up where the others leave you because we’re your behind the scene marketing team. As your marketing team we’ll put your message out on social media and across 1,000’s of websites and apps. And this is only the beginning.

We can help you expand your reach, your voice, your exposure, your brand, and your customer base with a simple, yet unique way. You now have a vehicle… iDefine TV… your platform to take your message and expertise to over 80 million households locally, nationally and globally.

MISSION: iDefine TV is about syndicating stories, messages, information and ideas across streaming television technology, while helping to distribute it through other mediums (social media, websites, apps, press releases…). Ready to DOMINATE?


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