How To Use Unconventional Media Vehicles To Build Brand Awareness

What are your issues with social media marketing? Are you feeling the social media over saturation conundrum? Like any entrepreneur striving to grow their business, you can easily feel lost in the flood of social media posts. Now might be the perfect time to build your brand with unconventional marketing strategies.

How much longer will you continue to do the same things you did yesterday, last week, even last year and expecting the needle to move? You’ve been talking about trying guerrilla marketing strategies, but you haven’t made a move yet.

CEO Aaron Sanandres, of Untuckit shirts for men, talks about unconventional advertising with building their brand. His number one concern was the well-known companies coming into their space and taking over.

When you’re competing for position in your market there are times when unconventional media vehicles will be required to capture brand awareness.

How many more. . .

1. Facebook posts
2. Podcast interviews
3. Press releases
4. Social media ads
5. Vendor tables

Will you invest to drive your brand, message, and sales forward?

Check out how Aaron took his mission and implemented an unconventional marketing plan to ensure his company’s message, brand, and customer loyalty continue to grow before bigger brands jumped into the untucked shirt game.

Are you focused on claiming your position within your market against your local or national competition? If not, now is your time to implement some guerilla marketing strategies.

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