Advertisers Are Still Missing the Mark With Online Video

Are you one of the millions with videos on YouTube? Hey! I know I am and have been for many years.

Here’s a great article that addresses a few pivotal elements that many video creators are missing. It’s seen quite often where it’s all about selling with zero content or all content with no call to action. It’s double edged sword. Where we stand today, people are really seeking content over being sold to. But the two can be put together if packaged right.  Check out this article and return back here with your thoughts and light bulb moment. Deal?

Advertisers Are Still Missing the Mark With Online Video

Online video advertising should be ushering in a new golden era for our industry. Except its not, because most of the ad business is focused on the wrong things.

There are essentially two areas of discussion that dominate the conversation when it comes to online video. Both are tethered to the Mad Men world of “things we’ve always done.”

The first is pre-roll — putting spots in front of content. We focus on this because it’s what all the big agencies are set up to do and it’s where the dollars are.

The second is the creation of branded content. Another page from the history books. We did it with soap operas. Red Bull seems to have made it work. Let’s do it again. We focus on this because people who work in advertising all secretly wish we worked in Hollywood.

These are important opportunities for sure, but to limit our attention to them is myopic. Read more…


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