Most U.S. Consumers Prefer TV Ads To Online; “Annoyed” Online Ads

Wow! Reading through some emails and this title grabbed my attention: Online Ad Survey: Most U.S. Consumers “Annoyed” Online Ads; Prefer TV Ads To Online; Want Social Media Dislike Button; And Reckon Most Marketing Is “A Bunch Of B.S.” So I jumped over to check out the article to see why most U.S. Consumers prefer TV ads to online. Here’s the article below…

Adobe has put out some more research into online advertising. This time it’s not an Index of the market but a poll of 1,250 U.S. consumers and marketers’ views on online advertising. The survey makes amusing reading at times –  almost half of the respondents agree ‘online advertising is creepy and stalks you’, and more than half agree that ‘most marketing is a bunch of B.S.’. The poll also underlines the ongoing problem with online ads failing to capture people’s attention — only in-app/in-game ads fared worse in the battle for consumers’ attention, with print-based ads and TV commercials grabbing far more consumer mindshare. Read more…


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