Improve Your Productivity In 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever had one of those days where you somehow your day becomes derailed? In turns into a nonproductive day?  It happens to the best of us at times.  It has happened to me a dozen times too many.  If you’re challenged with remaining productive then read this great article. You’ll find five steps, you can implement to help you throughout your day.


5 Steps to Rescue Your Productivity When Days Go Bad

Have you ever had one of those days? You start off with big plans to be productive. Your calendar is filled with confirmed appointments. Then, nothing seems to go right. Your computer crashes. Your cell phone battery dies and your charger is at home. Someone spills coffee on your shirt just before an important meeting. Your confirmed lunch appointment stands you up.

Don’t worry. Your day is not a total disaster. In fact, you can save your sanity and salvage the day. You just need to re-focus. Here are five easy ways to rescue your day when mishaps threaten to ruin it:

1. Keep quick tasks close at hand.
When time opens up in your schedule, like your lunch appointment not showing up, you suddenly have time to handle other opportunities if you’re prepared. For example, I carry notecards, envelopes and stamps in my bag. When I find “lost time” in short unexpected moments throughout my busy day, this allows me to write… Read more…


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