Why Are YouTubers Losing Viewers?

What would you do if you experienced a dramatic drop in viewership on your YouTube Channel? When we say dramatic, we are talking about a 90% decrease in daily viewership. Would you stay or would you go?

If you haven’t seen our blog post “Why Are People Leaving Youtube?” be sure you do because today’s post is a continuation on how YouTube has caused havoc for many YouTubers.

Back to the question: Would you stay or would you go?

The recent YouTube algorithm changes have left many content producers perplexed because they are now wondering if YouTube is encouraging content farms. Have they shifted to quantity over quality?

Real YouTubers are having a hard time justifying the cost and time they put into filming in order to compete with content producing machines. These content farms are churning out videos at higher rates but at lower quality.

Today’s post is to show what the new algorithm changes seem to favor and at the same time, you’ll learn a few baking tips, too!

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about today’s post. Would you stay or would you go?

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