Why Are People Leaving Youtube?

Why are Youtubers leaving YouTube? It’s mainly the content creators who are leaving YouTube. It’s for a plethora of reasons, such as,

1. The stress of pleasing the viewers.
2. Creating content that no longer inspires them, but their viewers loves it.
3. What started out as fun has turned into a draining job.
4. Getting caught up in competing with other YouTubers.
5. Struggling with coming up with video content consistently to keep the viewers happy and coming back for more.

But can you imagine putting your time, your energy, and faith into a platform that turns around and slaps you in the face? How about striping your business and profits down to dollars and some change?

If there’s any video to watch I suggest you tune into what this YouTuber reveals for his reason for leaving YouTube. It’s the platform he loves and built his business on. It feels like they aren’t loving him back at the same level. If they are doing this to him, then how many others are they doing this to? Is it you?

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3 thoughts on “Why Are People Leaving Youtube?

  1. I left YouTube today actually. tired of it for the same reasons. Had about 600+ videos and a few thousand subs. You get positive stuff. But you only need a few bad ones to ruin the day for you. It’s easy to say it doesn’t bother you, but it does. It always does and especially to me. It’s like a bucket of water that gets filled with drops of water.

    But what did it for me was the bugs with YouTube adding a second to my 1-minute videos. A LOT OF THEM. After all the hard work I have to re-edit them and reupload them again. That is, if I have the original files which I didn’t for some. I send feedback after feedback, and nothing ever got done. Not one response. Seeing every 4 days another video being removed from shorts feed because it was made longer by their bugs just pushed me over the edge. Not the community so much. The negativity from community was some added to the stress. But it was YouTube. If YouTube would’ve worked how it supposed to and support team would actually help, I would’ve never left. But I feel I am left alone to fight and encounter every problem. I am done.

    I rather have privacy, a clear mind and a desk job with a steady income that no one treats me bad without me knowing who the person is or being able to do something about it. YouTube is the most stressful and sad job that I ever had. Even though I was making gaming videos, I was not playing what I wanted, when I wanted and for too long.

    Blahh I feel sorry for those that keep pretending to have fun. I feel great leaving it all behind. YouTube might’ve been fun in 2011 and such. But it has turn to trash. Censoring everything. SO much I couldn’t even see some of the comments some people posted. I sometimes couldn’t reply and there were no bad words used.

  2. Hey Alex,

    Sounds like you are the mirror image of this blog post. Appreciate you for taking the time to share your YouTube experience.

    Your story isn’t unique…

    Heard many stories from those who built up a nice YouTube following to only have their entire channel shut down without a clear understanding of why?

    Everyone is pointed to a vague page. Ugh!

    Alex, too bad you decided to let it go. Can definitely understand as your peace of mind is so important. It seems like the joy of it all was being overshadowed by all the stress.

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