Why Are People Leaving Youtube?

Why are Youtubers leaving YouTube? It’s mainly the content creators who are leaving YouTube. It’s for a plethora of reasons, such as,

1. The stress of pleasing the viewers.
2. Creating content that no longer inspires them, but their viewers loves it.
3. What started out as fun has turned into a draining job.
4. Getting caught up in competing with other YouTubers.
5. Struggling with coming up with video content consistently to keep the viewers happy and coming back for more.

But can you imagine putting your time, your energy, and faith into a platform that turns around and slaps you in the face? How about striping your business and profits down to dollars and some change?

If there’s any video to watch I suggest you tune into what this YouTuber reveals for his reason for leaving YouTube. It’s the platform he loves and built his business on. It feels like they aren’t loving him back at the same level. If they are doing this to him, then how many others are they doing this to? Is it you?

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