Insider on How to Get on Shark Tank With Barbara Corcoran

Shark Tank…. If you’re an entrepreneur and have not tuned into one episode of Shark Tank, then I suggest that you start, this Friday at 9PM EST.  Either you love it or you don’t. I simply love it. At the end of the day you can walk away learning something. Like all things for me, it’s the expectation. Setting the expectation is a powerful way to grow personally and professionally. It looks as if Shark Tank is coming to Atlanta, GA for a casting call on April 14th, 2013 at The Fox Theatre.

Here’s Barbara Corcoran, one of the original Shark Tank investors offering tips on how to get on Shark Tank.

Presence: How to Get on Shark Tank

The real estate magnate and Shark Tank star reveals why some people get on the show–and most don’t.


How to Get on Shark Tank | Barbara Corcoran









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