Here’s How to Write Better Email Subject Lines

No matter what has been buzzing around the internet; email isn’t dead. And it’s not going anywhere no time soon. In the meantime, shouldn’t you improve your email marketing? Like all marketing mediums we must first capture their attention and command an action. This is what email subject lines must do… quick, fast, and in a hurry. In this Entrepreneur Magazine article DJ Waldow offers a few tips to increase your email open rate.

How to Write Better Email Subject Lines

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If emails with those subject lines landed in your inbox, would you open them? If I told you the first email came from President Obama’s re-election campaign and the second was from Urban Outfitters, would that affect your answer?

No doubt, a subject line can make all the difference between someone opening your email, deleting it or marking it as spam. Like the two actual examples above, creative lines tend to stand out more in the inbox. But trust in the sender also matters — sometimes even more — when deciding whether to open or delete an email.

Consider the following three suggestions to help you increase your email open rate: Read more…

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