Are You Awake To The Streaming Wars?

Are you awake to the streaming wars? If not where have you been? Maybe we haven’t done our job in keeping you abreast of what’s been going in the streaming media game. Sit up as we get you caught up. If you overlook this “need to know post” you will remain behind the 8 Ball.

We have been sharing for quite some time how streaming media has changed and has become a thorn in the side of traditional TV. Looking at the streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV to Amazon Fire the purchase of these devices has grown dramatically over the past few years.

Here’s where you have to really pay close attention that many entrepreneurs are stuck in the consumer mode. Just two short years ago we encouraged entrepreneurs, experts, small business owners, and creative souls to utilize this medium to expand their reach.

This was way before the major media giants jumped in. Of course, you’re familiar with Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV, right? Here are the recent releases of streaming services that are ready to find the place in the transition of consumer consumption their entertainment by way streaming media across streaming players, such as, Roku or Roku TV.

1. Disney+
2. Apple TV+
3. BET+
4. YouTube TV
5. Peacock
6. ESPN+
7. HBO Max

These are just a few!

Let’s give you some perspective on this, by looking at the top Emmy nominations by networks. Look at Netflix giving HBO a run for its money, while CBS and NBC linger towards the bottom.

It’s a question to really ponder over because there’s an audience there and you just have to decide to reach them.

Watch this week’s video and absorb how traditional TV isn’t the only way to get on television and share one eye-opening or Ah Ha! moment.

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