YouTube To Delete Independent Artists & Labels From Site

Have you heard or read about the major change YouTube is in the process of making? If you’re an independent music artist or independent music label, then you’d want to pay close attention.

YouTube Removing Indie Music From Its Site

Above is the screenshot of the YouTube Is About To Delete Independent Artists From Its Site article found on Forbes. It actually says in a matter of days they will be removing independent music from its site. It will be interesting to see how this looks and how this will actually work for YouTube. Don’t you agree?

The bigger picture is this… isn’t it time for the indie music world to entrepreneurs to stop placing so much weight on freebium platforms like YouTube to sustain and grow their businesses?  As you can see, at any given time they can say, “We longer need you.” Right?

Now, that we have given it some thought… the indie artists may be costing YouTube more than any revenue they can generate from an ad click. Especially, those videos with low profit margins, yet the cost to stream that video each time surely isn’t “free” for YouTube.

They are now driven to a more consistent revenue model in order to grow. Makes sense? Not asking if its fair. Anyone in business wants to know how much profit they can knowingly generate. And often times this is done through the subscription base model.

What indie artist wouldn’t love to know they have X number of gigs each and every month?

Here’s where the problem lingers… many independent artists aren’t actually investing in themselves? Many artists are simply holding on to all the free platforms (YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter…) and not knowing when the tides will turn. Then there’s an uproar when the switch is flipped or the dial is turned. What’s next? The next free platform. Maybe a ‘do nothing‘ attitude.

YouTube is a great one dimensional platform where content publishers simply wait for viewers; like most media platforms. How about taking it another level? Better yet thinking about it differently. Pay to broadcast and receive free marketing support.

The YouTube model isn’t geared to work on the behalf of the content provider. Right? It’s time to change our thinking in order to change our results. Why? At the end of the day, YouTube is bound to be make changes on how entrepreneurs can use its free platform to market and promote, just as they have done with indie artists. The question is this: Will you be ready?

YouTube Is About To Delete Independent Artists From Its Site

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