Small Business Marketing Advice To Grow Your Business

small business marketing advice
How often do you seek small business marketing advice to grow your business? Like most passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners  it’s ongoing. Right?

This just happened today.

We’re in the process of launching an awesome project and to do so we need to confirm which provider could assist us with this idea. (keep your eyes and ears open for it) Any who…

I had a list of 15 providers. Out of the 15 providers I was only able to actually get 3 of them on the phone. Only three! Of the three: one was excellent with his answers, one answered the phone as if I’d disturbed her, and the last one was personable but couldn’t provide enough details.

This is where the small business marketing advice comes into play for us all. Simply including a phone number to your website would do wonders towards your bottom line. As I dialed number after number, I wondered how much their sales would increase if their website included a phone number or actually answered the phone.

Of course there are times when the call simply can’t be answered, but there’s a difference when the recorded message states that you’ll receive a faster reply via email. Wow! I took time to call because I’m very interested in your ACME product or service, but I now need to email you. As the saying goes, “Who does that?”

Here’s some food for thought…. No matter the size of your business, it’s time to think and run your business bigger. Marketing a business starts with providing interested prospective clients a way to call and reach someone for more information. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money because there are so many great applications one can use to present their business more elegant. For example: Get yourself a Google number. Why? It can ring multiple numbers. This is just one tool and there are many more. Download 25 Must Have Marketing Tools

The purpose of sharing this experience is to simply re-engage our thinking on how to market a business. Including a phone number on a website and answering the phone are simplistic marketing elements that are often overlooked.



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