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On iDefine TV you’ll find a growing network filled with great programming. Just to give you an idea on what you’ll find on iDefine TV…

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iDefine Music Channel:

Amendo & BelindaAmedeo & Belinda – Sweden

Freely blending of Jazz, Afro-Cuban and Brasilians influences into their own inspired compositions and interpretations, Amedeo & Belinda have created something both unique and wonderfully familiar.This unusual combination of guitar cello and voice really swings with a special warmth and passion.



MarcMedley_SDPosterMarc A. Medley – United States

He is not new to music as he studied classical piano from the age of 8-18. Each instrumental jazz CDs consist of the songs written and produced by him. All of the instruments are also played by Mr. Medley.



Ed EpsteinEd Epstein – Sweden

Baritone saxophonist Ed Epstein and bassist Lasse Lundstrom play Charlie Parker’s  Dexterity.  Per Nyberg shot the video. Filmed in a studio in Lund, Sweden.



JR TurnerJunior Turner – United Kingdom

UK male recording artist who found national fame in 2010 when he won a competition for BBC Children in need to release their national single.



Cocky - Red Cup AnthemCocky – United States

First song and video off self titled album Cocky




Fiona_SDPosterFiona Miss 2.1 – Germany
Fiona Miss 2.1 is a 17 year old pop artist. People have compared her to Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Britney Spears. She loves to create music, because it’s where she finds peace within herself.




VeronikaJacksonMother_SDPosterVeronika Jackson – United States

Veronika Jackson has taken the acoustic folk guitar and the history of her culture as an African-American woman, and has generated her own original, authentic and exciting style of music.



iDefine Health & Wellness / Family:

YogaYoga  United States

Using Yoga For A Healthier & Peaceful You
Enjoy yoga to improve your mind, body and spirit in various ways: energy, circulation, to purification. Learn how to reach a better and stronger you with the use of yoga.



DeCarlo EskridgeDeCarlo Eskridge – United States

Affirmation For Personal Growth
You’ll listen to some very powerful affirmations for personal change. DeCarlo A. Eskridge is a certified hypnotherapist, certified N.L.P. practitioner, certified Stress & Trauma Care facilitator, certified life coach/ trainer, motivational speaker, author, and ordained minister.


iDefine Film:

Rise of the Fellowship FilmRise of the Fellowship – United States

Independent Film (Trailer)
A group of friends embark on an epic journey to find a new world they have only heard of, encountering dangerous obstacles and threats around every corner. During their quest they lose one of their most precious possessions and must display depths of bravery and heroism that they never thought possible.


Chinese_Room_SDPosterThe Chinese Room – United States

Independent Film (Full Length Film)
John is a  real live John Doe,  on the run when he finds the perfect job: quiet work, cash under the table, no questions asked. But in this office, the manager Bouchard enforces his list of freakish rules with charisma and cruelty, and forces John to betray his colleagues, filing reports on their lives. The more John learns to fear the office, the more he becomes a part of it. But – what is The Chinese Room?

Pressure_SDPosterPressure – United States

Independent Film (Trailer)
The film is about a young adolescent who learns life lessons from a dream. Film was produced to give insight on the inner city youth globally on how they impact their society by making a single choice that can change the outcome of not only their life, but can also change the lives of people around them.


Bill_Cox_SDPosterBeer & Seed – United States

Independent Film (Trailer & Full Length Film)
An independent film, Beer & Seed aims to capture the sordid aspect of generally celebrated college life. With its funny outlook and fresh perspective, the film deals well with a narrative based on an older student.


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