6 Ways To Track Your Competition’s Marketing Strategy

Be very, very quiet. Have you been asking yourself, “How do I market my business?” Here’s the answer…. track your competition’s marketing strategy. Some would call this a guerrilla marketing idea or strategy. Just liked an football team or boxer they would review footage of their competition. Right? Well, this is the same for entrepreneurs. In this article written by Jim Joseph you’ll learn some marketing strategies.

6 Ways to Track Your Competition’s Marketing Strategy

Businesswoman looking through binocularsThey say a marketer’s job is never done, and when it comes to analyzing your competition, nothing could be truer. It’s vitally important to track every aspect of your competitors’ marketing, including their packaging, advertising, promotion, social media and website activity.

Unlike big brands, small businesses generally do not have the resources to track their competition without spending a lot of money and time. But if you make a regular process of it, there are many ways to track your competitors easily and effectively. Here are six places to start:

1. Sign up for Google Alerts. Getting updates on your competitions’ activity online is absolutely free via Google Alerts, and it couldn’t be easier to set up. Just insert your competitors’ names into the search query and select what results you want to be notified of — including news, blogs, video and discussion. You can have those notifications sent to you as they happen, every day or weekly.

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