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Marketing Help | iDefine TVWhat’s been your #1 challenge thus far this year? Have you been in need of marketing help?

When iDefine TV kicked off its Small Business Spotlight around Atlanta, we discovered that most entrepreneurs and/or small business owners only know how to deliver a sales pitch at networking events. The Small Business Spotlight’s purpose is to position the entrepreneur as an expert and as an authority figure in their industry.  Each entrepreneur is asked to share one tip, technique, strategy, or idea that their potential client or audience should now.

So many were overwhelmed by this exercise to the point that they give up.  It is if, the mind is solely focused on selling via a sales pitch. Not many could fathom the idea of sharing information or a solution as being much more powerful than a sales pitch, company tagline, or mission statement.

Here’s some small business marketing advice…. stop “marketing” through sales pitches. Shift your focus and become a problem solver and an expert. Think for a moment about Dr. Oz and why so many people tune in to watch him. Why? He pinpoints a problem and then he delivers a solution with information. Not a sales pitch or a tagline. Right? You too can do the same thing in order to standout from the crowd.

Help potential clients learn what you know rather than what you sale. To help you, we’ve created something simple to get you started…

Here’s something for all the professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners…

Sit down and write a brief outline, just like you did in high school on one solution you provide to your current client base or potential client.

Need an equation? Then follow the one below.

Here’s the number one problem (XYZ) + It causes this (1, 2, & 3)
= The best solution is (ZIP, BAM & BOOM)

It should be more than a YouTube length outline of 3 to 5 minutes. Make it 10 to 15 minutes. When you’re done simply record yourself speaking on this subject. Upload it to YoutTube or Facebook, then share it on LinkedIn.  Now, you’re ready to position yourself as the one to contact because you’re seen as an expert, rather than a short sales pitch.

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