Is Your Sensitivity Hindering The Marketing Of Your Business?

Have you been wondering what’s been hindering the growth of your business? Have you been focused on how to market your business? Well, it could be your sensitivity that could be hindering the marketing of your business. In the game of entrepreneurship there isn’t much room for sensitivity. Right? I believe in some form or fashion many entrepreneurs can be their very own road block and sensitivity can surely be one of the road bumps along the way.

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Are You Too Sensitive To Successfully Market Your Business?

I’ll admit it: I’m a reality TV fan. Specifically, I love small business oriented shows, like Dragon’s Den, the Shark Tank, and Crowd Rules. On occasion, I discuss the take-away lessons on my business’ blog.

It was a real shock to my system when I got a scathing reply to one of my posts from a show contestant. Even though my blog post had said nothing negative about her or her company, she was incensed that I discussed it at all. It was clear from her message that she was very hurt that anyone was less than 100% enthusiastic about her brand.

After setting aside my marvel that someone who thought this way would choose to appear on a reality TV show, I thought through what I’ve learned over the years I’ve run my company. Lessons come from all kinds of strange places. We have to be willing to view problems as opportunities. The fact that someone’s discussing your company online can be a problem – especially if the commentary isn’t favorable. But it can also be an opportunity, if you’re willing to engage and tell your side of the story.

The question is – are you tough enough to speak up?

Self Awareness is Key
As a business owner, you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Nobody’s great at everything, and it’s not at all unimaginable that the same person who’s fabulous at soliciting new business or project management may not be equally skilled at creating marketing messaging or handling customer (or public!) criticism.

One of the challenges that female entrepreneurs often face is that we feel like we should be great at everything. No matter what happens in our business, we need to be able to handle it. If that’s how you see the world, I’m not going to try to dissuade you from that viewpoint – but I will definitely suggest to you that the best way to develop the strengths you currently lack is off-stage, in a way that doesn’t directly impact your business. Read more…


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