You Can Call Experts Like Mark Cuban for Advice

How much are you willing to pay per minute to speak with billionaire Mark Cuban or Eric Ries the author of Lean Startup? Do you have that one pending question about your business, marketing, sales growth or even web design? Then here’s an excellent opportunity to have it answered by someone you trust and respect. Just pay by the minute to speak with them.

For $160 per Minute, You Can Call Mark Cuban for Advice

Imagine you could schedule a call with serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban or social-media guru Gary Vaynerchuk anytime you need business advice. Two websites, Clarity and LiveNinja, make that possible, letting you pay by the minute to chat with entrepreneurs, consultants, and analysts in a variety of fields. I recently gave the sites a whirl, looking for tips for my son-in-law’s start-up and suggestions for sprucing up my blog.

Clarity, which debuted in May 2012, caters to entrepreneurs and features some 11,000 experts. On the site, you can do a keyword search to find experts in specific areas, including bootstrapping and search-engine optimization. Most experts charge about… Read more…

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