How to Kick Fear in the Teeth

Is fear kicking the s*@#!& out of you? Are you constantly seeking small business marketing advice because you’re uncertain or fearful of what you think can take your vision to the next level or that you may fail? You’re not alone. Just like you, we all want to win. Who doesn’t want to raise their glass in the air in celebration of a major accomplish?

Often time it is fear, worry, doubt and past failures that can get in the way of the success of an entrepreneur. Right? We’ll here’s an article you must read that will help you gain control and wrangle your fears down to the ground.


How to Kick Fear in the Teeth

Like many young entrepreneurs, my fears are both plentiful and agonizing. But don’t tell my brain that.

While most people see fear as a detriment to prudent action, I see it as fuel for calculated, deliberate decisions. After all, there are two reactions to fear that are rarely given equal attention: flight or fight. You are the only one who chooses which to pursue.

And while my thoughts are as plagued by fear as the next guy, I actively choose to fight. And fight I must, if I ever hope to see my venture successful. Here are my top three fears and what I tell myself to overcome them:

Fear: My venture will be imperfect
Initially, I admit that the need to perfect my website became an obsession. I constantly thought about it and tweaked it every day. Now, to a degree, you have to want to make your work the best it can be before you launch, but there is a difference between making something good and putting it to use in an efficient manner.

I feared that people wouldn’t take my company seriously if my website wasn’t perfect. This fear drove me to delay my marketing campaign and forfeit time I could have used for more important tasks.

Still, being afraid to share your venture idea with others simply because it has imperfections is a mistake. Let other people help you sharpen your idea. Read more…

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