Weak or Powerful: How Does Your Posture Make You Seem?

Do you pay much attention to your posture? Your posture can say a lot about you and you’ll be amazed how many people are paying attention for you. Here’s when I learned the importance of it… Back when I was in high school (many, many moons ago) while sitting in my 12th grade English class my classmate pointed out fellow classmate, who was simply beautiful. What he brought to my attention was her poor posture. Yes, she was very attractive, but he found her poor posture a turn off. It was from that day I set my intention to be aware of my posture: standing, sitting, or walking.

As entrepreneurs we have must be vigilant to exude confidence, power, and strength. This starts with…

Weak or Powerful: How Does Your Posture Make You Seem?


Practicing your posture before a big meeting may sound silly, but scientists have found that how your stand has dramatic effects on your mood and therefore how you are perceived.


If you came into the bathroom one day to find a colleague standing in front of the mirror, hands on hips, shoulders spread wide, doing her best impression of Wonder Woman about to save the world, your first thought would probably be to back out slowly.

But the truth, according to scientists, is that your silly-looking colleague may be on to something not silly at all. Practicing certain “power postures” can actually have outsized effect on mood and confidence and thus on the impression you make on others. An in-depth post covering research on and advice around body language on the buffer blog recently highlighted a TED talk by… Read more…


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