Can Passion, A Video Camera & Windows Movie Maker Create Video?

Man Photographing HimselfCan passion, drive and ingenuity create a video?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to run into a buddy of mine’s mentee. This fellow is in high school with a dream of going big in music. He’ll be a junior this coming school year.

What I like about TJ is his ability to ask questions with the intention to gain understanding and knowledge. Like last summer he asked me about video cameras and videography. He shared with me what he was on a mission to accomplish.

Now, let’s fast forward to this summer. I run into TJ and he tells me he has purchased a couple video cameras off eBay and from a pawn shop. Thinking. What has been your roadblock to creating video for yourself?

Let me give the disclaimer… this young guy doesn’t come from a boat load of money. He really gets out there and hustle. Here’s an example… last summer he was washing cars, now this summer he’s inside working the cash register at Burger King.

I asked TJ to show me a video. He knocked me off my feet with the music video he made with just Windows Movie Maker. Nothing fancy or expensive. He shared with me how he was able to sync the video with the track. Wondering. Have you allowed software to hold you cemented in one place?

His next goal is to purchase a green screen kit off eBay for like $200. Each time I see this young fellow he’s taking it up a notch and he’s in high school working at Burger King.

This story’s purpose is to share what can be done and how it can be done with passion, drive and ingenuity. And no it’s not because he’s young. That’s not it.

Quick question. When you hear how he purchased his video cameras, recorded several scenes for a music video right in his neighborhood, then used Windows Movie Maker to put it all together does make you stop and say, “What’s my
reasoning for not implementing video? Why am I not recording

Don’t rush to answer. Be honest. Take time and think about it.

Where’s your passion, drive and ingenuity to create your videos?



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