4 Ways to Write a Killer Job Description

Who hasn’t written a job description, posted it and received a slew of candidates where 99.9% of them were more of a miss, rather than a hit?  Entrepreneurship is a trial and error way life. Right? But how many errors can you afford when it comes to hiring? This goes for intern, freelancers to CFOs.

Here are a few things to consider before you post your next job. We’ll definitely adhere to these tips in the coming months.

4 Ways to Write a Killer Job Description

The more time and effort you put into describing the job, the better quality candidates you’ll get. Here’s where to start.

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You need to hire talent. The problem: You’re getting lots of applications… but no perfect candidate.

Elli Sharef, co-founder of the online recruiting company HireArt, a Y Combinator grad that uses video and skill-based assessments to vet job applicants, says the problem might be a less-than-stellar job description.

“Many employers think it’s not as important to spend time writing a really compelling job description,” she says. “But a job description should be treated much like marketing material, like an ad.”

In fact, Sharef says after one HireArt account manager rewrote the job description for an interesting position that an employer originally did a poor job explaining, three times as many people applied. Read more…

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