Your 60 Second iDefine Video

How does free marketing sound?

It’s real simple… In 60 seconds or less create a video in this format…

A. State your name
B.  State your business name and then share what it is you do or who you help
C.  Then close it by saying and completing either statement….
I define… or  What I define….

Then it will be shared across the iDefine TV social media accounts to share with
others what you do. So let’s get started!


1. Make sure you film with your phone turned sideways. Let’s make it a widescreen video.

2. Make sure you video yourself with your phone, tablet or webcam at eye level. Lift it up!

3. When it comes to getting the best lighting… make sure your light is in front of you and
not behind you. Don’t want to cast shadows.

4. When you deliver your, “What I define….” statement, have fun with it. Add some of your
personality to it. It doesn’t have to be tied to your business.

5. Again! Have fun with it! Sounds good?


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