What makes iDefine TV different from YouTube?

The evolution of viewers watching video is moving toward streaming media via television. There are millions of videos on YouTube waiting for the next play. Is this something you can relate to? The YouTuber viewer watch approximately 15 minutes worth of videos a day on YouTube.  However, Americans watch on average 4 to 5 hours of television a day.

Here’s the key difference: All -In-One. What does this mean? Not only do we broadcast video content directly to television, we also provide ongoing marketing for our members to assist in helping them grow their brand, message, mission, expertise and profit. Where else can you find a complete marketing service with you in mind? Check out our membership page  for complete details.

Another key difference is that our viewers have purchased a device to specifically stream video content via their television, such as Netflix or Hulu. It’s estimated that the annual income level of those who make such purchases is approximately $150,000.  The reach potential are 10 million viewers around the world: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South America, Asia and growing.

We have thousands of viewers from around the globe searching for content just like yours. Let’s get started today!