Can you help me understand what your channel is currently accepting?

Think about iDefine TV like an ABC or a Sundance Channel.  Each of these networks/channels/stations requires content for their viewers to watch. So we’re looking for content to fill our channels on our network, so ours viewers will want to come back week after week.

We’re a network seeking videos with substance. We deem videos such as instructional series, interviews, editorials, live pre-recorded events (music, festivals to comedy), sports, film (short and long), health & wellness, business… just to name a few. If you don’t see it, just ask and we’ll let you know.

Doesn’t this give you a better idea on what we’re looking for? Still have a question, then contact us by clicking on the “Support Desk” icon at the right of the website.

What we also accept are advertisement videos. If you’re looking to be a sponsor or advertiser on iDefine TV then contact us.